Appkits Add-Ons Animation Appkits Add-Ons Animation Appkits Add-Ons Animation Appkits Add-Ons Animation Appkits Add-Ons Animation

Exactly what you need.
Further expand the power and functionality of your custom app.

The possibilities of your app are virtually endless. Browse our existing AppKits add-ons or let us customize the perfect solution for you.

Increase the power of your app with these Add-Ons:

Addon IconPush/Pull Communications

Enable users and administrators to send and receive messages from within your app.

  • In-App Messaging
  • Alerts
  • Custom Emails
  • Feedback Gathering
  • Surveys
  • Blog/Comments Integration
  • News Feeds

Addon IconCustomized Management & Analytics

Fine-tune your control over content, users, access, data and tracking.

  • Advanced Registration
  • Customizable User Metadata
  • Custom Metrics Development
  • PIN Code Verification

Addon IconUX Enhancement

Fully customize and uniquely brand your user experience.

  • Animated Charts and Infographics
  • 3D Animations of Products/Environments
  • Scalable Toolbox Interfaces

Addon IconPlug-in Functionality

Keep your users engaged by adding customized tools and functionality.

  • Contact Directory
  • Interactive Maps
  • Executive Schedule Planner
  • Calculators and Toolkits
  • Product Ordering
  • Product Database & Search
  • Resource Library
  • Favorites
  • Open-with Functionality
  • App-Switching

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