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“I still get feedback all the time. Our reps love this app."
Sara Rosenstein

Sara Rosenstein

Customer Development Manager
Aramark Refreshment Services

When Aramark’s sales consultants walked into their annual meeting last November, they had no idea they’d each be walking out with a brand new iPad, a custom Aramark sales app and a level of energy that would drive sales to a new level.

“Their brains were exploding,” says Sara Rosenstein, who heads up marketing for Aramark Refreshment Services, one of the top providers nationwide of workplace coffee, beverage and snack solutions. “The app was a big surprise. To receive such a powerful sales tool was completely overwhelming and amazing for our reps. People were thrilled.”

Sara and her team had been secretly working with Design Center for months to develop a sales app that would look and feel as innovative to customers as Aramark’s product offerings are—and one that would fully equip reps with the resources they need. Now our reps have more control over how they present their sales materials," says Sara. "The flexibility of the app allows each of our sales consultants the ability to use it in ways that suit them and their prospects best and I have more control over the content they are presenting.

Sara worked closely with Design Center on the flow of the app—to ensure every customer presentation starts with what sets Aramark apart, before diving into specific brands and brewers. And, using Design Center’s AppKits platform, she can easily update content and swap out old sales collateral for new anytime she wants. “We are continuing to improve the app,” says Sara, who is able to track how reps are engaging with the app and what they’re finding most useful. “Our leadership has really grasped on to this. We see the value and want to keep investing in it.”

“This app lets me be a consultant – not just a sales rep.”
Sara Rosenstein

Christopher Bauer

Flooring Specialist
BASF Construction Chemicals

When Chris Bauer walks in to present BASF flooring to a prospective customer – whether it’s a major sports stadium or a local dog kennel – he typically has some idea of where the conversation will go.

But, inevitably, something comes up to change that completely – an engineer stops by with a problem that needs solving, a project manager asks for details on the glue, an architect wants to see a whole different color palette than originally requested.

Fortunately, the custom BASF sales app developed by Design Center has turned those tangents into assets.

It used to be that Bauer would spend hours staging the flow of his presentations, pulling together a combination of Powerpoints, PDF documents, YouTube videos and photo albums to fit each customer. But anticipating all potential questions is impossible, and he’d end more sales calls than he liked with the dreaded “I’ll get back to you on that” – knowing his prospects might look elsewhere for faster answers.

“Today I don’t have to have my presentations staged,” says Bauer. “I know where the app can take me – and I can head off in different directions with each question and still slide back to my original presentation.”

The BASF app allows Bauer to dive into flooring specs, calculate pricing, present construction details, measure square footage, customize color combinations, present virtual floor samples and more – all within seconds.

“I usually get maybe 15 minutes to make my case – often standing in the front lobby of a plant. The BASF app allows me to tell the story quickly, in a way my customers can absorb easily.”

Bauer describes a recent bid that suddenly grew from 500 to 5,000 square feet – because he was able to answer questions on the spot. “It’s about being able to move as fast as business moves today.”

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