The power to optimize and manage your app.

Having a great-looking app is a good thing. Having complete control over your app—and being able to leverage its full potential—is even better. These standard AppKits features get you started:

Create and Manage Users

Update & Sync Content

Keep your users equipped with the latest content by instantly pushing new information as needed.

Upload new content, links and supporting materials—as often as you need—on your customized cloud-based management dashboard. Each time you do, your users will be prompted to update the app, which will automatically populate the new content. You can be sure that everyone has the most recent information at all times.

Create and Manage Users

Manage Users

Add and remove users—and manage their level of access and control.

Create authorized users and assign roles that define how much they can see, edit, upload or contribute within the app. Organize various roles into groups to simplify actions that apply to multiple users. You can also match each user to his or her specific device, providing an extra layer of security that prevents unauthorized logins and renders the app inoperable if needed.


Distribute Presentations

Deliver customized presentations to
either some or all of your users at once.

Leverage the power of your app by giving your users access to presentations and narratives that are easy for you to update—and even easier for them to use. With an AppKits add-on, you can actually create these presentations directly within the app platform.

Manage Applications

Deploy & Manage Your App(s)

Deploy your app to whoever you choose and change their access at any time.

Add or remove access to any app as needed. Seamlessly deploy new apps or app updates to any group of users within your entire enterprise.


Stay Secure

Protect your users and content with security that meets your specifications.

AppKits supports all industry-standard security models, mechanisms and technologies—and can harden security as required. The AppKits servers utilize modern security measures to control access both to the app and the server itself. Your data is protected behind strong firewall technology and is backed up regularly to a secure, fault-tolerant, off-site location.

Need more functionality?

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